#6 One Point Zero

paranoia05One Point O

(Also known as One Point Zero, Paranoia 1.0, amogst other versions, all more or less the same)

Year: 2004

Director and Screenplay: Jeff Renfroe and Marteinn Thorsson

Prepare yourselves for one fucked up movie! Everything, from the colors to the story is mindfuck. It’s about a guy – Simon – who’s suppose to deliver a code to a firm but doesn’t make it on time because his computer gets a virus. Meanwhile he’s receiving this strange empty packages which are driving him crazy and paranoid. Plus, he’s always drinking milk, and that was one of the things that got my attention: what’s the thing with milk anyways?? Why would he be buying and drinking milk so strictly, moreover when he’s allergic to it? At least that’s what his friend says… But can he trust anybody?


Almost the whole movie takes place on his apartment building. The whole scenario is strange, with predominance of the colors ochre, green and golden. It’s warm but cold at the same time. The corridor of his flat is all metallic except for the doors, a very strange corridor if you ask me. Besides, it’s supervised with cameras linked to the landlord’s room! Why?!?

The neighbors are also odd (well I guess all neighbors are odd) – one is building a robotic talking head and has an “intelligent” couch that cleans itself, another one lives underground, among the pipes and such and has little tiny robot insects and Simon thinks he’s crazy ’cause the man think they are ought to get us all, but he got away… – and he gets to know the ones he didn’t already. At some point, one neighbor dies, followed by the landlord. Meanwhile his disease is getting worse and he starts getting more and more paranoid, not being sure whom to trust. No one on the building seems to know anything about the packages, but the first person to die ends up saying, in his final words, he was receiving packages too. Empty packages, with nothing but air in them. This is pretty freaking odd!!! This guy has nothing but Cola 500 in his fridge, and the landlord has it full of meat! Wtf?!

The talking head often tries to contact Simon to warn him! How and why does a talking head wants to warn him about what’s going on and is always scold by his creator? That german guy is very suspicious indeed when he says his couch is broken…


Among the neighbors is a lady – Trish – with whom Simon gets involved. She tells him to “come inside”, meaning “cum inside”, and so he does, and we can understand this in the end when her belly is shown, after Simon’s death.


Yeah… he kinda dies…

He  realizes who were sending him the packages: his friend, who explains to him what they contain: an invisible nano-technology virus – 1.0 – that sends messages directly to the brain: thus making him buying the milk. The landlord and the other neighbor who died bought meat and Cola 500. In the end, before his death, Simon is getting spasms and uncontrolled speech – side effects of the virus, bugs if you will.

The film ends with Simon lying on the floor, smiling (wtf, why?…) and without the top half of his skull, brain missing. In the beginning of the movie we see him reading a paper where it says someone got killed and the brain was missing, so we assume the killer got Simon as well, after those two people on his building. Howard – the guy living underground – appears just before his death, saying he’s gonna help him just like he helped the landlord and his other neighbor, so what I get from here is that either Howard is a killer who collets brains, or he’s an extreme conspiracy theoretic who happens to be right and puts an end to the plans of the people trying to infect other with that nap-technology by removing the source of the infection: the infected person’s brain.  And That0s when they show us Trish’s belly, telling us that Howard din’t make it, an infected human being is being generated.Deborah_Unger_in_One_Point_O

And I didn’t even mention the odd sex virtual-reality game!… Are they all part of the conspiracy? What are your thoughts?