I’m a movie-eater who wants to share and discuss opinions about everything film-related!

Movie Generation is a place where I’m going to share my view, my opinion and my insights on movies I watch. A good way, I think, to share not only movies for us all to watch, but also our appreciation on them! And I say “our” because I’m counting with your collaboration: your comments and feedback! What did you think of the movie? What do you think was left unsaid? What’s your opinion on my review (or other reviews you might have seen?)

But I’m going to try to offer you more than that: facts, articles, curiosities… Everything I know and find, I’ll show it to you too. And once again, I’m counting on you to do the same for me! If you think there’s something you could share with me and this blog, please feel free to  type it down!

I  chose the name Movie Generation because I think I’m a part of that “generation”, the people who watch movies daily (or almost) and like to think about what they just saw, and are continuously searching for more. It’s not necessarily a generation, its more of a kind of people with an interest, but generation sounded kinda cool. Movies make us see things we usually don’t see, make as understand and think about the world around us and ourselves.

I also decided to start this blog to deepen my interest in movies. I have a degree in that area and took another course on “Directing”, so… since I don’t have the means to make my own movies yet, I could start by sharing my thoughts about the millions of movies and docs out there with whoever’s interested! Besides, I’m sharing stuff I learned along the way with you too, as I said before! Feel free to use that information, share some with me too, or even correct me if I’m wrong!

I’m gonna try to update the blog daily, so you don’t get bored and leave! Hope you like it and join me everyday!


PS: all images are found online and I don’t take credit for them.


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