#18 Hanna



Year: 2011

Director: Joe Wright

Screenplay: Seth Lochhead and David Farr

Hanna is a young girl who lives in the northern forests with her father, Erick, a guy who teaches and trains her since she was 2 years old. Hanna is capable of hunting, fighting and killing better than any person alive. But she has never had any contact with the civilized world or modern technology. Her knowledge comes from books and she seems a bit cold blooded, but who wouldn’t be, having no contact with other people? Well, it’s more than that… However, Hanna likes fantasy too, she often reads the Grimm’s Fairy Tales and wonders how does music feel like.

The whole movie can be described as an action fairly tale with violence and blood. The main character is a girl and the villain (the witch, as she calls her) is a CIA agent who wants her dead. We enter Hanna’s life in a moment where she decides she’s ready to leave the forest and go kill the witch: Marissa Wiegler. Her father prepared Hanna for this moment her whole life and advises her, asking her if she’s sure, for once she leaves that place, Marissa won’t stop until she, or Marissa herself, is dead. The plan is for Hanna to kill Marissa and then meet her father in Berlin. In order to go unnoticed, Hanna has memorized a fake life to tell to whoever she encounters: a school, a town, friends, an address, even a dog.


So the moment has come and her father presents her with a device that will announce their location once its button is pressed. Hanna presses it and the two make their preparations for Erik’s escape and Hanna’s capture. Eventually the soldiers arrive, at night, and enter the hut. Hanna kills two of them and let the others come take her, acting as if it wasn’t her who killed them (implying her father did it, as they planned). Hanna is taken to an underground facility and put in a room full of cameras. A doctor is asking her some questions but she asks to see Marissa Wiegler. Marissa and other CIA members are observing Hanna through those cameras and Marissa decides to send in a double, for she knows what Hanna is capable of, although she gets even more surprised when Hanna kills her double and all the other members who were sent to tranquilize her with a shot! FY that is a great scene!!

We see something’s about to happen when Hanna clings to Marissa’s double. From that moment on we see How Hanna is able to escape through tunnels and passages, with the stolen gun form one of the guards, hiding from all the soldiers and killing whoever crosses her path directly, or telling them – without a single word – to let her go. The music was, in my opinion, very well chosen for completes the scenes without being corny. It’s not the “normal action movie music” I guess, it’s really awesome combined with all of the film concept: the 15 year old cold-blooded girl with an abnormal DNA who likes the Grimm’s fairytales, despite being trained her whole life to kill, she also desires to know music and magic. Another thing that’s pretty cool are the fight scenes, especially the underground facility and the subway ones. (Btw, on this last one, Erik realizes Marissa’s not dead yet.) I didn’t see any exaggeration (at least for an ex-CIA agent and a girl who trained her entire life to kill), but then again, I don’t know much about fighting…

She manages to get to the surface, realizing she’s in the middle of nowhere. She the finds a family to whom she follows, first without them knowing, but then accompanying them freely, as they actually like her. She becomes friends with with the couple’s daughter,Sophie. In the meantime, Marissa’s on the run too, trying to find Hanna. She asks the help of a friend, Isaacs, another ex-CIA member and an eccentric man with a passion for freaks, to find the girl, but not to kill her. She also goes visit Hanna’s grandmother (who Hanna never met, for she had lives her whole life in the woods), ending up killing her. In this scene, Hanna’s granny tells Marissa that if she was a mother, she would understand what it’s like to lose a daughter (Marissa was the one responsible for Johanna’s – Hanna’s mom – death, but couldn’t kill Erik or the girl, for they ran into the forest, never to be seen again), to what she replies she’d made some choices. The entire movie I got the sensation there was something between Marissa and Erik, and even when we realize what’s going on, I kept thinking there was something more between the two. Anyway,  Marissa finds some tapes Johanna sent to her mother, where she tells all about her pregnancy, and listens to them, until Erik finds her and tries to kill her. In the meantime Hanna flees, after another fight, this time with Isaacs and his boys, and manages to find the address where she agreed to meet her father: a fairytale-like house that belongs a friend of Erik’s, Knepfler, a magician. Marissa managed to track Hanna after questioning Sophie’s family, whom she captured, so, once in Knepfler’s house, the two new friends hear someone outside who’s not Erik, and Knepfler tells Hanna to run as he stays behind, ending up being killed. However, before she manages to escape the house without being noticed, she listens to Marissa talking on the phone so 1. she gets surprised for Marissa being alive, and 2. she finds out Erik is not her biological father.

Hanna finds her grandmother’s house and her blood on the floor, and suddenly Erik appears, so she confronts him about him not being her real father and about her “abnormal DNA” (for she had found and stolen her file back in the underground facility, and saw her information there). Erik finally tells her (and us for that matter) the whole thing: Hanna was born in a facility and was part of a project that genetically enhanced human embryos so they would become stronger human beings, with less sense of compassion or affection, basically, a new breed of people created to be soldiers. The project was canceled by Marissa Wiegler and everything (meaning everyone) was eliminated… except Hanna, who Erik was able to save. At this moment, Marissa and Isaacs arrive and Erik tells Hanna to run while he distracted them, ending up being killed, not before killing Isaacs.


Hanna manages to go back to the “fairytale house”, just to find a dead Knepfler… Marissa appears and now we have the princess confronting the witch! Hanna runs, but Marissa follows her. We see Marissa coming out of a giant’s wolf mouth (I don’t think it’s necessary to go further on the meaning of the wolf here, Marissa is the “bad guy”, period) with her gun in her hand, facing Hanna. Hanna tells her she wants to stop and doesn’t want to hurt anyone anymore, walking away from Marissa, who says she just wants to talk. As Hanna is leaving her, Marissa shoots her, at the same time as Hanna turns around (upon realizing Marissa’s intention) and throws an arrow at her. They both fall, but both stand up again. In the end, Hanna ends up killing Marissa, who lies on the floor with the arrow through her body, with the gun. This scene is identical to the opening sequence, where we see Hanna hunting a deer with an arrow but ends up shooting it with a gun because, as she also said to Marissa, she missed the heart. After all, Hanna was trained to “hunt” Marissa, while being hunted by her at the same time, so it was kill or be killed.

My question is: why Erik wants Hanna to kill Marissa? I guess it’s just because he fell for Johanna and her baby and the only way to stop Marissa was by killing her, either by his hands or Hanna’s. Anyway, Hanna is a girl who doesn’t want to kill despite being engineered to do so. She feels there’s something wrong and  confirms it with the files she steels. Deep inside, she’s still an ordinary girl just with few modifications.


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